At the core of our company are the Engineers and Technicians performing maintenance and acceptance testing across the country. With capabilities ranging from 480V to 765kV, we’ve got you covered.

Acceptance Testing

The majority of new equipment failures and catastrophes can be prevented, simply by having a qualified NETA certified company like EPST perform 3rd party independent acceptance testing.  Take a look at all of the acceptance testing offerings from EPST.

Maintenance Testing

The purpose of electrical maintenance testing services is to reduce equipment breakdown, decrease unexpected downtime, and improve safety. EPST employees are fully qualified to perform testing, repairs, and upgrades on everything from 120/208V to 765kV systems.

High Voltage Testing

When dealing with high voltage equipment, safety and technical knowledge are vital.  Take a look at our safety program and our technical resume, and you’ll see why we are one of the leading independent testing companies in the country, and why we are one of the most trusted companies in the utility industry.

Low & Medium Voltage

At EPST, we know that every piece of the electrical distribution system is just as important as the others.  That’s why we offer a full range of testing services to make sure that your new equipment is operating just like the manufacturer intended.  Let us put our experience to work for you and help you avoid headaches.

Renewable Energy

Wind, solar, and hydro generation may be a new concept to some companies, but EPST has been working with renewable energy sources for over 30 years.  Our experts have helped our clients with renewable facilities all over the world. No matter how large or complicated your project requirements may be, we’re up for the challenge.

Power Quality Testing

A poorly performing electrical system increases operating costs and puts people and systems at risk.  EPST has dedicated teams who can identify problems and give you power quality solutions to improve the performance and safety of your system.